Monday, January 29, 2007

Makayla's 4th Birthday party was at the Gym of Dreams this year! There were 45 people there! It was a blast. She had a Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses party with a Barbie Cake! The kids played and played.. It is hard to believe she is already 4!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

All about Mallory!

The first picture is of Makayla "sharing" her birthday cake with sister..without mommy knowing! Mallory LOVED it!

The next picture is of Mallory's Bad hair day----we have many of those!

The last two are our angel!

Happy New Year!

Makayla was in a wedding Dec. 9th for Rochelle and Wagon...Wagon is Brad's cousin..This is her 3rd wedding to be in in 3 years and she will be in another one in May for Tara!
Isn't she a doll!

Okay, So I am trying to learn how to
use this thing..

This is a picture from Christmas..Santa brought Makayla an Ariel bicycle and Mallory a Leap Frog Learn around!

Here is another pic of Makayla with her Birthday Cake..She had 3 parties..One at the house, one at Granny's in Gulfport, and her big friend party at the Gym of Dreams..This pic is from the house and she insisted on dressing up as a princess!

..Mallory is now crawling everywhere and cruising the furniture. She is driving her sister crazy! Makayla is all about riding her Scooter and playing in "her" room!

The Girls!

I have finally gotten Satelite Internet---no more dial up!

Here is a picture of the girls taken in November by Nikki Spreen!

Makayla is now 4 and Mallory is 8 monthsAdd Image