Friday, July 13, 2007


June 30, 2007
Mommy was at work and the Girls stayed with Daddy...You can tell with Mallory's hairdo and Atlanta Braves Onsie!! I bet they had a blast!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007


After a big thunderstorm one afternoon...I put the girls in play clothes and rain boots and turned them loose..They loved it...

It's easy to tell which one got down in the dirt and had a blast!! Nothing to do but hose them down before going in the house!
Makayla wasn't nearly as dirty as Mallory! Makayla squats in the dirt, Mallory sits and rubs in on herself!!

June 27---Trip to Gulfport

The girls and I went to Gulfport for a few days to stay with Granny..Aunt Heather, Uncle Rain, Josh and Madi were there too...We went to the Waterpark and had a blast..We also went to the movie Surf's Up ( Mallory was more fascinated with the stairs!!), and we went to the beach while Josh went to the skate park...Of course we also had a cookout and went to the outlet mall...We had a full 3 days!! We had a blast and can't wait to see the South Carolina crew again!!
Unfortunately I didn't get many pics because my batteries ran out and I didn't have the charger!! Aunt Heather got a ton though!!

Vacation Bible School!!

This year for Vacation Bible School, Makayla was in the 4 year old class and Mallory was in the nursery...Mrs. Sandra (Brad's Mom) and I shared the task of teaching the 4 year olds! I taught M W Fri and she taught Tues Thurs...We had 13, 4 year olds...We were exhausted by the end of the week..but had a blast..they each learned a bible verse, and Makayla is still singing the songs they learned and talks about Jesus all the time now...I have to share a story....One day after bible school Makayla asked Mrs Sandra if Jesus was here (in the car)..Mrs Sandra said "Yes Makayla, Jesus is everywhere, you can't see him like you can see me but he is here he is always with you in your heart. Later that day when they were home Mrs Sandra was in the bedroom, Makayla walked in and said "Nana, is Jesus in here?" Mrs Sandra said "Yes, remember I told you he is everywhere..." Makayla thought about this for a minute and then finally as she turned around to go said "Come on Jesus, Lets go to the living room.." HAHA LOL...

Happy Father's Day

After church on Father's Day....Mallory was down for the count for a nap...she falls asleep every Sunday on the way home from church! Brad is such a good daddy...I really love that about him...the time he takes with the girls and the love he gives them!!!

All the Princesses.....

Makayla went to a dress up princess birthday party.... the girls were soooo cute..

Cinderella Princess!

Slip n Slide

Makayla had a friend-Rainie- over for the day...They had a blast and played on the slip n slide....