Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Makayla...A puppy dog party

Jumping into the big foam pit....
The kids--minus a few not in pic--we had about 28 come to the party..and we even had to unfortunately shorten the invite list this year..we decided to invite 5 and 6 year olds due to the number! She wanted to invite her school class this year too;

Opening gifts...look at mallory so intent on what she is doing...

Birthday girl

The Doggy Cake...It was adorable..thanks Jennifer for doing such a good job!


I can't believe it has been 10 years already...we always said we were gonna go somewhere for our 10 year anniversary..well, we didn't realize we would be inthe middle of building a house and have a 6 year old daughter whose birthday would fall around our anniversary! We seem to do everything around this time of year..get married jan 2, move to georgia Jan 1 have a child dec 27, be right in the middle of building a house or starting the house...etc etc etc...haha SO we took the rare occasion of it just being the two of us and enjoyed every minute of it...The funny thing is...The farthest we got away was to Jackson, the fanciest we felt like eating was Outback, and to top it off we went to a movie..and guess what we saw...A DISNEY MOVIE...WITHOUT THE GIRLS! HA HA we saw Bedtime Stories which was cute...Basically we haven't been to movie past 7 oclock in years and didn't realize they start at 10:00 and we got there at 9 and the only option was Tales of Desparoux ?SP or Bedtime Stories...BUT I have to say we really did have a good time... RARE PICS OF US WITHOUT THE KIDS!


New Year's Eve...We celebrated the new year with some good friends of ours..Shane, Jana, Cooper, Emry, Stacy,and Joe Dan...We had a great time....There was so much food and fun...I even learned how to play mexican train dominos....which I beat Brad in hahaha...had to throw that in there... There favorite part was the fireworks....especially sparklers

Jana, Emry and Cooper

12-27-08 Happy 6 Birthday Makayla

Mallory and Uncle Rain

Blowing out the candles

Singing Happy Birthday

The 6 yr old!

Wow growing up fast!

Christmas on the Coast

The Chaos..I thought this was gonna be a small Christmas!

Heather and Rain

Our family...Gotta love the upward shot..

The girls being silly

The grandkids...Josh, Madi, Makayla, and Mallory

Thursday, January 01, 2009


The girls got a trampoline from Santa this year... They were estatic...they jumped for hours and hours... Mallory taking a juice break....

Makayla in action.

Brad and the girls Christmas Morning...

Me and the girls Christmas morning!

At Nana's on Christmas Eve...Notice Makayla in background in shorts...and today it is 30degrees...crazy....


We are slowly but surely getting there!!! Laundry room counter near drop down ironing board..there wil be a sink there; just haven't cut out for it yet:)

Another pic of laundry room...we got the countertop on...LOVE the baskets Heather...Got one more but haven't gotten it organized yet..Used these two for bows for wrapping and ribbon...

The upstairs bonus room..We put the floor down and are trying to finish that room up so I can move my Christmas stuff into the closet!

Pantry cabinets..I got them painted and glazed.

Kitchen cabinets in the makings...Popa does SUCH a good job!!! We are so fortunate...


They are 3/4 American Bulldog and 1/4 Lab Mix....
Mallory with MOLLY...

LUCY all white; MOLLY with spots

For Makayla's 6th birthday she wanted a puppy! We decided to get her one and let her pick it out...We had Mallory with us and she said she was taking her puppy home too! HA So we have 2 new members in our family! Two more females... ha poor Brad...even our cat is female!

Makayla holding hers...LUCY and Mallory holding hers...MOLLY


Makayla with MOLLY