Friday, August 31, 2007


I decided to take pictures of all the places Mallory climbed on any given day...These were all taken August 27th...It started at 8:00 that morning on the Cinderella Vanity in Makayla's room while I was making the bed...Then the dining room table, then the toy box, then the bed, then the table agian, then Mommy's Scrapbooking table ( a seriously dangerous place to be)...and so on and so on...Makayla did not climb much so this is new to me and SOOO SCARY! At least she calls for me to get her down.... LOL.... UH OH.....Daddy Busted ME!!!!
She looks real concerned doesn't she!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Gracie Guynes had a 4th bithday party with the big water slide..The kids had a blast..Thanks for inviting us!

Pillow Case Dresses!

Nana has made the girls new Dresses! They were adorable in them! Thanks Nana..

Friday, August 10, 2007

A visit with the Maples'!!!

We had a special visit with Lesley, Lawanna, and John Willis Maples! Brad and Lesley went to PA school together in Savannah, GA. They came to the big city of Bogue Chitto from Bainbridge Georgia! We had such a wonderful time..We hope they come back again...I think we are planning to meet up in Destin next year.


Mallory is 15 months old now and into EVERYTHING!! She is 19lbs and not very tall..She is still in 9-12months clothes... She is a climber unlike her I am not sure how to handle it...I find her sitting on the dining room table all the time...She is a handful, but so adorable!!

Makayla's new Night shirt!

Makayla got a new Sleep shirt...Daddy's first Pee Wee Football Jersey! She loves it and Daddy loves her having it too....

Mallory can't wait till she's old enough to wear it!