Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mallory Birthday Party!

Mallory and her friend cute!
a random shot of some @ party
Makayla and Uncle Rain

Mallory wanted a butterfly party and a Fishing party..SOOOO due to unpredictable MS weather. we had the cake and icecream at the house and then everyone ventured to the pond for fishing...They had a great time...Every kid caught at least two fish each...The weather was perfect...not too hot and it didn't rain after all...Aunt Heather, Uncle Rain, Josh and Granny all got to come...THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING TOO>>>

Froggy floaty for Pool....Brandon Burt behind them...

I have tons more oics but takes forever to upload!

We're Having a BOY!!!

Well, we are adding to our family....We are due Nov. 29th and they tell us it is a boy!! WOW what do I do with that??? Brad is ecstatic and I am scared....haha tables have turned.... We moved into the house on April 1 and I woke up the next morning with morning sickness.....I was in denial for about 5 days and finally bought a test.... It has taken me these full 17 weeks to come to terms with having another little baby in the house...haha BUT we are really happy and anxious for Nov to come....I do not have the best of time inthe early weeks of my pregnancies...I usually get sick on my stomach all day long and this has been no different! I am just now getting to where I am only sick 1-2 times a day! Thank goodness... Well just wanted to share the news.

Happy 3 Birthday Mallory!

We were in Point Clear AL for a conference for Brad during Mallory's third she got a vacation and Birthday in one!! All she asked for was a white wedding dress....Go figure Target has the whole dress up set! She was so adorable...everyone thought she was a flower girl because there were 2 weddings taking place at the resort that day! HAHA... I can't believe our baby is 3!!