Saturday, June 30, 2007


We had a wonderful time this Memorial Day. We spent the day on the big water slide (parents and kids alike!) We also played pool volleyball, had a cookout and lots of fellowship fun! Thank you Corey and Holly for hosting! We had a blast!
Makayla and Rainie
Mallory and Easton

Mallory, Brandon Burt, and Marshall

Makayla, Rainie, Madi, Malaine, Brandon Tyler, and Jax..

Monday, June 18, 2007

Flower Girl Again!

Makayla was a flower girl in Cousin Tara and Josh McCormick's wedding. She was a beautiful princess!..There is a little story about the experience, but I am not going to share it on the internet!!HAHA..feel free to e-mail or call and I will let you know what happened!

May 26, 2007

Dress Up or Bad Fashion??

This is how many of our days clothes with heels, jewelry, and purses!!
May 23, 2007
Princess Makayla

T- Ball Pictures

Picture Day
May 21, 2007
Bank of Brookhaven 4-6 yr old T-Ball Team
front row from left --Stephen, Kristed, Carly, Georganna, Cooper, Makayla
Middle row from left-- Curtis, Tanner, Lydia, Michaela, Kirby
Coaches- Greg, Shane, Randall, and Brad

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fun in the Pool!

We bought the girls a small pool to play in the backyard..but big enough for all of us to get in from time to time... I am not sure how these picturse got to look this way..but I thought they were neat!


Mallory was dedicated to the Lord at Calvary Baptist Church on May 20, 2007....Sorry most of my pics were taken with my 35mm camera...
It was a beautiful ceremony.

Sorry I have not updated before today...We have not been feeling well at the Martin residence...Makayla has had a virus- running a fever of 102-104 with a headache and stomach ache...(she had us worried....but it is going around in the area)..Her fever finally broke last night...SOOO she did not get to enjoy the dance recital much...she went and danced--while loaded up on Tylenol and Motrin...but we didn't get many pics...she did great even though she didn't feel well...We weren't going to let her go..but she had a meltdown and we caved....
Mallory has been teething....she is very fussy I am typing this with her in my lap asleep---thanks to the Tylenol---She has 8 or 9 teeth now and a molar is trying to come through!
Hope you are all well and happy!

Field Trip to the FARM!!

Sorry this took so long to post..I am trying to play catch up...
Makayla's preschool class had a field trip to a FARM!!! Only in Lincoln County...haha...I went along so little sis got to go to...They had a great time...Mallory was intrigued by the rabbit and turkey. Makayla liked the cows..even though they were "stinky"...

Mallory's Actual Birthday

MAY 9th, 2007
This is Mallory's actual first birthday...It has become tradition at our house to have a small birthday cake the actual day of your birthday...This was actually started because Makayla's birthday is December 27th...hard to have a party around that we have the special cake day! Mallory didn't mind one bit getting two cakes in a matter of a few days :)))lol