Friday, September 26, 2008

OUR MALLORY! (9/26/08)

Mallory loves to look at the scrapbooks I've done. I hate to admit most of them are of Makayla..SO I took some pictures to make a page for her...I am about 20 months behind on hers, but I plan to catch up as soon as we are in the new house! Isn't she Adorable?

On Our Way to Church (August)

I have not updated the blog in a while until today... We have had some unfortunate and sad times in our lives lately. My Father passed away on Sept 12th. Please continue to be in prayer for my family during this time. We miss him so much, but as Mallory told me just last night "but mommy he's with Jesus".

House update!

We Finally Have SHEETROCK! We had some delays this month in getting the sheet rock hung. They finally started Wed. and are almost done with the downstairs. I can't wait to be able to start painting! It is coming along slowly but surely....

View from Dining room towards side porch. the door is the side porch entry

This is view of Kitchen from the breakfast room. you are loooking into the dining room

Mallory's room one side of it anyways

Popa hard at work in the garage...

view from in the kitchen through the opening where the stovetop will be..looks into the living room
View from the front door...sheet rock not quite done in this room
side porch! this is done except for painting!
Another view of front porch

Front of the house...
Back of the house
back of the house on the garage side
side of house....this will be where additional parking and guest entry will be through the side door..since we are in the country and no one uses the front door...haha