Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Little Funny!

Makayla started back to dance today! So while we were shopping for leotards....We were in the dressing room and Mallory went to a corner to hide and I knew what she was doing, so I was trying to hurry. All of a sudden, VERY LOUDLY Makayla says "EW Mommy it stinks in here!" and just as LOUDLY Mallory replies "Ya, Makayla that's me!" The child has no shame!
HAHA...I can't wait till she's potty trained! She's just a little strong willed and says she doesn't want to go in the potty...I decided after a week of accidents, to just wait till she is ready!!

Monday, October 06, 2008


SO, We really like this school Makayla is in, of course it is where Brad went so he is partial, but I really like it too. They had an event in August called the Parade of Books. It was to promote reading and go along with the book fair. Each student got to dress up as a book character and parade around the gym! How cute! Makayla was head set on going as Belle. I was worried it would be a little overkill, but was sooo not. There were some really cute costumes there and even the faculty participates! The Principal was Winnie the Pooh! ha.. While I am at it, let me talk about the book fair! I remember a time when you went to the book fair during class and bought a book with the money mom gave me. Not how it is now...They had a kick off event that corresponeded with open house at the school. It had a whole safari theme to it..There were refreshments all done as animals (ex zebra cookies and cakes). They had some of the older elementary students dressed up and performing songs in the hall way, they even had a real petting zoo in the school! With a live snake too ( I wasn't crazy about that part!) Anyways, so far we are liking it and Makayla is leraning sooo much! I am too; we have to memorize a bible verse every week that she has to say by Friday! Well enough running my fingers for now!! haha
Hanging on the Monkey Bars...Mallory and I got to go to the parade, lunch, and playground with her..Mallory thought it was Great!

My sweet girls!

A Very Small Portion of the parade!