Monday, November 17, 2008

Can't Wait for Christmas!!!

This past Saturday I took the girls to get their picutres made at Jenny Lynn's. I actually changed their outfits once I got there..but I loved these little outfits after the shoot was done we changed back into these and I took some myself at the train depot area!


Movie Star, Fashion Model, or Ballerina?...

Just Becausee I love this Picture and These Outfits!

House update!

We are inthe process of painting! We are doing most of it ourselves! So we are exhausted...but it is coming along quite nicely.. these pictures don't really do justice, but the best I could do...

Mallory's Room! The ceiling is a light purple and the walls are called Key Lime Pie!

Makayla's room...Walls are a butter yellow and ceiling a pale yellow.

Laundry Room! It is called Aquarium! It has become one of my favorinte rooms..Popa has almost finished the cabinets now and dthe Countertop got ordered this weekend. I have had this room planned and designed for over a year it is awesome to see it coming together...The whole inspiration started with some funky orange light fixtures I found and that I wanted it ot be my beach getaway from the country! I knew I wanted the walls in a turquise and orange fixtures.. I'll take more pics of this room soon..

Mudroom...the bench is now complete..all we await is the cabinet doors and hooks for coats.

The Front door! I finished staining and sealing it! Ya hooo! The porch painting is done...all we gotta do is stain the concrete... we may wait and do that in the spring when it warms up...


This year for Halloween the girls were Princesses again! Makayla insisted on being Ariel even though she was Ariel when she was 3! Mallory was gonna be Flounder from the Little Mermaid because she thought "that would be funnnny!" ha but we couldn't find the outfit so she decided to be Tinkerbell! She made such an adorable Tinkerbell. A BIG thank you to Granny who found these costumes on the coast! The Sat before Halloween we had a trunk or treat children's party at church! We had a great turnout of kids and lots of trunks too! They had a blast! For Halloween night we trick or treat out here in the country (which is weird because you get in and out of cars and just drive around to people's houses) Then we have made it tradition to go trick or treating in Brookhaven inthe neighborhood we used to live in. We always meet our good friends the Moaks and Makayla Cooper Mallory and Emry trick or treat together (city way of walking through the neighborhood! which is what I am used too!) We had a great time and ended the night with a meal with friends at Cracker Barrell. Brad's Trunk and the Girls.....

All the kids that participated! Makayla and Mallory are on the far left

Tinkerbell's wings! Notice the light up wand she kept putting between her legs using it to fly on! It looks like a tail! ha

Our little Mermaid and Tink!

Nana and her Princesses! Thanks Nana for helping getting them ready!