Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on House!

So the progress has been REALLY slow because IT HAS RAINED EVERY 3RD DAY FOR A MONTH AND A HALF STRAIGHT! WE EVEN HAD SNOW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! But, finally the clouds parted for 5 days and we were able to get a driveway and the footings dug out..then it stormed for 5 hours straight---I am talking about now we have big puddles of mud...but they assure me they can pump the water out and pour the concrete on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

On our way to Dance.....

I love this Dress....Aunt Heather bought this for Makayla and Now Mallory can wear it!

Makayla's Valentine party at school...Notice she is sitting around all the boys...She told me the other day that Benjamin kissed her on the cheek..but that she wiped it off and didn't kiss him back....I also saw her walking from the playground holding his hand the other day...of course she said she just did it because he was getting out of line....haha...what are we going to do with her!

Matching Valentines outfits....

Mallory's Bruise!

So it was a hectic morning...and Mallory was playing in her room...then decided she wanted to brush her teeth! Not sure why at that moment, but she wandered into the bathroom..crawled up on the toilet...reached up real high for the cabinet where her toothbrush is...and crash and crying is all I heard! She fell between the toilet and sink onto the garbage can see the circle shape of the can on her face! Luckily it didn't cause any permanent scarring...
Has she learned her leason? No, I still find her climbing on EVERYTHING!!
Yes...She is only 1...she loves telling everyone that...

I love this outfit because of the hat..she actually wore it for a good length of time!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

We went to Granny's in Gulfport this past weeekend. We went to the Pascagoula Parade with Granny and Shane, Jana, and Cooper...We had a blast and the Kids Loved it too.....It was a beautiful day with lots of warm sunshine...we actually got sunburned!
Throw me somethin Mister!
Mal Mal Waiting for the floats!!

Jana's first time at a parade...I had the kissing man come give her a paper rosee for a kiss..haha...

One of the floats

Us at the end of the parade!

Makayla- ready to say "throw me somethin mister"

Mal Mal taking it all in!

Me and Jana!

Granny! Thanks granny for bringing your camera...and taking all the photos...I did manage to get from you so we could have a pic of you too...

Cooper- preparade playing with the wagon....

Mallory at the end of the parade...ready for her nap!