Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dance Recital Costume

Makayla got her dance recital costume for this year! They are sailors dancing to "Good Ship Lollipop"...She looked so cute, and is soooo exicted!

Update on House

Mal Mal's Dirty Face!

The House from a distance...

The Front Porch

The storm shelter!

Friday, March 07, 2008

We have Wonderful News to share with our Family and Friends!
Makayla was born with a heart murmur- A Patent Ductus Arteriosus- All babies have one while they are in utero, it allows the blood to bypass the lungs, but when they take their first breath of oxygenated air it is supposed to close. There is a percentage of babies that do not- some are symptomatic in which treatment is necessary then and others are not in which they just monitor them. They sent her at 6 months of age to a pediatric cardiologist and they did an ECHO to diagnose it..They told us at that time that if it was still there by age 1-2, that is would be very unlikely to close on its own. This type of murmur/opening can put her at risk for endocarditis if she had dental work or and infection in the mouth. So for every dental appt we have had antibiotics prior to going...It was still there at 1 and 2 and 3 1/2. When she was 2 Dr Braden wanted to do a procedure where they would do a heart cath and go in and close it..well I cried so hard when he suggested it, he decided we could wait one more year. So when she was 3 1/2 it was still there...once again he wanted her to have the procedure but I was 8 months pregnant with Mallory so he said we could wait. Well I have been putting off the appointment for months..but I finally scheduled it for yesterday. She had another ECHO done and after Dr Braden reviewed it he turned around with a smile on his face and said "It looks like someone has been praying! The opening is closed, she is cured,she will not need surgery and she no longer needs antibiotics or to be followed. Her ECHO was perfect!" PRAISE GOD! We of course had tears in our eyes when Makayla said "so did I do a good job?" YES BABY YOU DID, and SO DID OUR LOVING FATHER!

We have Concrete!

They came to pour the footings on Mar 2! And we got 2 1/2 inches of rain the next day! HA! The concrete survived, but it is a nasty mess! There is a 60% chance of SNOW tonight! GO FIGURE! It may snow twice in one year here...I wonder if this is a sign.....
This is the storm shelter my loving husband decided to put in..I had no idea about it until I asked what the big hole was for! We had some terrible storms the other night in which we were in Mallory's closet with a tornado warning in Bogue Chitto...Any time we make the news out here in the boonies we adhere to it! ha...Anyways, I thought at that moment that a storm shelter is not such a bad idea! It will be under our closet in the ground.. It freaks me out a little to be underground, but I am sure Mr.Prepared will have escape routes in mind! ha...
We are building a conventional floor...the loving husband wants to be able to get under the house to fix problems as needed...Yes he is a handyman..kind of like Tim Allen in Home Improvement! Of course I am Very Glad he is Mr Fix it! Anyways, that is why the concrete is in rows like this..there is not a slab.