Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy!

Makayla had some dental work done in August which resulted in getting a tooth pulled..It's a long story...We took her to the Pediatric Dentist in Brookhaven she has been using because I saw a cavity and she was complaining with it. The visit turned out to be very traumatic and Nana had to hold her down to get the temporary filling in (Mom and Dad were at work!) So we went to Jackson to "the frog" Doctor. His whole office is in frogs, he even has a mascot frog called Mister Smiley!. After some x-rays we realize the tooth is abscessed. She has a heart murmur (PDA) and has to take antibiotics when she has dental work done. So the abscess was very concerning to us. Dr. Long suggested we try the conscious sedation they do in the office to pull the infected tooth and do a few other things. So we did.....Makayla was hilarious in the waiting room after taking the silly juice...she sang songs to everyone...The visit went fine...but did result in our first missing tooth...SOOOO after we ventured to the Coast to Mom's house for the weekend..the tooth fairy made a visit..she even found us at Granny's...By the way; inflation is tough...that tooth was worth 5.00$....haha

Thursday, September 13, 2007

4 year old Preschool

Makayal started 4 yr old preschool on August 8th..She is in Mrs Mickey's Class and LOVES it! She has learned how to write her name, and is learning the alphabet really well. I can't believe my baby will start Kindergarten next year!!
17 Is her Parent Pick up Number:)