Friday, August 22, 2008

Makayla started School! K5!!

Makayla started School this month...I am not going to say where due to safety reasons..So far she loves it...It is amazing to watch her in her little world...It is very different then what I am used to..she only has 9 kids in her class so they have alot of one on one time.. They get to go to Computer, Music, Art, Library, and PE. I think her favorite is the playground and Cafeteria! HAHA... Her very own desk!

The Reading area!

This is her teacher, Mrs. Beth.

Friday, August 15, 2008

House Update!

Sorry its been so long! We have been super busy trying to get this house done... It is coming along slowly but surely! The Brickers are getting closer to being done and have gotten more done since I took these pictures. Then the roofers have to come back and finish up a few areas... Can't wait to be living in it!! Maybe by Christmas!

this is the tall side wall towards the woods.
Closeup of the Brick and Window.
View from the front of the house.
The Front Porch in Progress
The side Garage entrance view.
The back view..yes the white door will be painted to match the other windows and doors.
The back porch. still needs columns and some finish work.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A visit to Aunt Heather and Uncle Rain's!

John Willis came to see us! Lesley and Lawanna were at a conference in Destin and drove over to Navarre to visit! It is always so nice to see them.. They live in Georgia so the visits are not often enough! Thanks for driving over!
We went to see Aunt Heather Uncle Rain and Josh a few weekends ago in Navarre, FL. They recently moved there and we just couldn't wait to go see them! I must say they live in PARADISE! It is beautiful and there is sooo much to do. The girls loved every minute of it... AT THE BEACH>>>>>

AT THE POOL>. We sort of borrowed one of the hotel pools haha
Uncle Rain, Brad and Josh took a boat out and did some fishing..they picked us up in fort walton at a dock and we went for a ride... It was a lot of fun.