Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T Ball Pics!

Makayla is playing T Ball again this year! She LOVES it! She calls it the "winning game"! Isn't that cute! Our church has sooo many kids her age that we have our own team! Brad is helping coach it. She started out as short stop and is playing first base some too.. She is doing sooo good, I am glad she likes it because her dad and I both are ball players! Looks like I am going to have many years to come at the softball fields! I asked her if she liked dance or t-ball better and she said t-ball without hesitating! Maybe she is not as girly as we thought! ha...

Note the pink cleats!! haha She also has a pink glove and a pink bat! Her dad just LOVES that! ha!
She is the one in between the two guys in blue with her sleeves tied up!

Last Day of Preschool! May 17th

This is the two 4 year old preschool classes! They had a blast at the park for the last day of preschool... Makayla is in the middle on the bridge!

This is Makayla's Benjamin! They have been in class together since they were 2. I will never forget when she came home from school when she was only 2 years old and said "Momma, Benjamin has my heart!" I thought "What are we in store for???" Well they have remained friends for 3 years, and just a few months ago she came home from school and said "Benjamin kissed me on the cheek" "But I didn't kiss him back" I thought oh my, I hope they are not in the same school together next year! I don't think they will be, not sure though! But you can clearly see in this picture that she adores him! haha Mallory even go to go play with all the kids! They had a kiddie area on the park, but she thought she could handle the big stuff! ha.. I was a nervous wreck at first, but then I realized she CAN handle the big stuff!!!
This was so funny, Mallory just pushed her way in to sit by big sister and was stealing all the other kids snacks! Look at Seth's face on the left! Ha!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Mallory!

Mallory's birthday was May 9th while we were in Gulf Shores, After a day filled of swimming at the beach and pool, and shopping in Foley with Nana, we celebrated her birthday at the ice cream shop! She loved it and had ice cream EVERYWHERE! She really liked opening her presents... Thank You Uncle JoJo for the adorable outfits!
Mal Mal in her Hat!

Ice Cream cones and Presents!

At the Party...We were so glad Nana got to come down and join us at the beach for a few days..

Happy Birthday to me...I'm 2!!

Gulf Shores, AL!!!

Brad had a conference in Gulf Shores, AL at the Island House the girls and I got to go along! We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect! Warm enough to swim but not tooo hot. Mallory loved the sand and beach, Makayla did too; but the liked the pool the best! Of course we also went shopping in Foley and played some goofy gulf (which they loved even though we saw a sanke on the course!) Mal Mal in the sand...

Makayla ready for the waves...

On our way to Lamberts...Home of the thrown rolls....this is Brad and the girls favorite place to eat...

On our way to go to the Original Oyster House for my mother's day meal then to play goofy gulf..

Makayla swimming! She finally went under water the last night we were there...She is going to take swimming lessons this summer...

House Update!!

View from the front..There are still two dollhouse things to go over porch area.

Side view of the wrap porch .

View from the front door into the foyer/living room

view of the back of the house/The back porch