Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Global Wildlife!

Makayla had a field trip yesterday to Global Wildlife! It was the first time wee had been..She loved it. It was the neatest thing the way the animals just came up to the wagon and stuck their head inside to get food! She loved the, buffalo, cows, longhorns, and more... Even Kangaroos...

Update on House

The Front Porch
The back porch note on the far left the drop down area..brad informed me that was for the hot tub! I quickly agreed...haha
the upstairs with the vaulted ceiling from living room in background.

The stair case! View from living room.

The view now from the front of the house.... They are putting the walls up for the second floor then can start putting the roof up....

Dance Recital Pics!

Makayla had her recital pics last weeks. The day was hectic as usual on Wednesdays. I pick her up at 11:30 from pre school in Brookhaven, then turn around and have to go back to Brookhaven (15 min trip) for Dance at 3:00. Well with dance pics we had to start getting ready at 2:00; mainly because I knew Mallory always throws in a few unexpected events! haha YES This is Mascara! I thought it got awfully quiet for a few minutes, and mallory was nowhere in sight! Then she came walking into the bathroom like this saying "momma i pretty"...haha...after i grabbed the camera and took a few scrapbooking shots..i got the makeup remover out...yes it all came off! ha
Makayla with her light makeup on...she LOVES getting all dressed up!

The dance class!

All lined up and ready for the group shot!

My little sailor girl!!

After the pics were done and we were on our way home..Makayla says "Mommy guess what daddy did to my dress? He got gum on it!" Somehow in the course of getting in the car, she got gum which got all over her dress somehow....After I went a little balistic on her and called granny asking how to get gum off sequins and Makayla had received her punishment for getting the gum without permission, lying about her daddy doing it, and getting the gum on her outfit (yes it was not fun at our house) Nana came to the resucue the next day and saved the outfit (I think with goo gum)....but no picture day is no fun at the Martin's...but aint she cute!!!

The Mississippi River!

We went to Natchez a few weeks ago to look for house stuff. We stopped off at the Mississippi River to see the flood. The water is higher than it has been since the 1970's! The girls wanted to go swimming...haha...they thought it was the beach! Love that!

I know what you are thinking...but Mom is the one always taking the pics...never in them! haha

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More construction!

It's starting to look like a house!

View from the drive way entrance!
the back porch!
putting up the insulated panels...

the garage....

Friday, April 04, 2008


I got home from work last night with the surprise of having walls! We are using insulated panels for the exterior walls so they should go up pretty quick now that we are to that point! The front right side- Makayla's room

The back sunroom and living room area.

The girls were sooo excited!

This is what I drove up to...the girls looking out Makayla's window!

Happy Easter

I Know it has been a while...but we have been super busy around here with Easter, building the house, and daily life...not to mention are a few pics from the Easter Season..The girls had a Easter Egg hunt and puppet show at church, Mrs Sandra hosted an Easter gathering with egg hunt at her house for the family, so they got to hunt eggs with the 2nd cousins...and then we dyed easter eggs which they LOVED and had blue and green hands and arms (ps Baking soda gets it off) Then we celebrated the resurection of christ at his church...How blessed we are!!! Happy Easter from the Children of Calvary Baptist Church!

They LOVED the Easter Bunny!

The cousins - minus Carter who is just a few months old! ha

Mallory with one of her many eggs...notice the whole hand holding the egg and the egg dipper in the other hand! ha

Our Sweet Precious girls Easter Morning!!!