Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party at the church! Mallory would not take a pic with santa!
All the kids at the party....we are missing quite a few

our girls!

Christmas Photos!

On our way to church Sunday
After church...Imagining what it will be like to come home....ha!

Mallory all bundled up...

Mallory by the tree..I let the girls decorate it this year!

Makayla's 6 birthday party at school!

It is hard to believe she is going to be 6! I remember when she was born thinking I could not imagine the day she would walk and talk! HA Her class!
Sign in front of the school!

Making a wish...of course we had pink cupcakes with Hannah Montanna plates (although Mallory actually picked out the plates! ha!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Milk and Cookies with Santa!

The Girls with Mrs. Claus!
We took the girls to milk and cookies with santa this year in Brookhaven. They had a a blast! It was a little overwhelming due to the crowd...but the girls thought it was great! I didn't get any pics of them with santa because by the time we got our turn it was sort of rushed...ha but i did get some cute pics before and during the wait! Mallory making her reindeer food with the elves!

sweet Mallory...she loves this Santa..It was my grandma's

Close up of Mallory before we left.

Makayla..guess something was funny

Mallory did something that tickled Makayla!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving in Oakvale

Brad took these pics of the girls! I forgot to take any so this is all I have of Thanksgiving!

Friday, December 12, 2008


We had anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow reported in Bogue Chitto Thursday! This is the second time this year..It also snowed this much January 18th. AMAZING! I have never seen this much snow down here in the south much less twice in one year! I unfortunately had to work so I did not get to stay and play with the kids, but Brad's office lost power so they closed for the day! OF COURSE the schools closed as well...we don't know what to do with all this down here in the south...give us a hurricane and we can prepare but a winter storm warning!!! What's that? haha Brad took some beautiful pictures but not but a few of the kids! so sorry but most are landscape pics and all in black and white! ha I forgot to change the camera settings after the last time I used it! What's even crazier is that there is still snow on the ground Friday at 11:00! Crazy!
The old Dairy barn behind Grandma Martin's

The girls making the snowman with Nana and Boots.

The new house!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Decorating for Christmas...

Daddy and Daddy's girl...being silly on the couch,.
Daddy telling the girls about Christmas...

Mallory's tree

The finished trees...
note mallory's halloween pj's haha

Thanksgiving Drama at Church

The Girls were ina Thanksgiving Drama at the church on Nov 23. The children's committee put on the show... It was quite an experience... There were 30 kids in it! Mallory started out as a pilgrim but ended up being a Turkey because we needed one more... I wish I had taken pics there but didn't get too becausee I was in charge of it!!! We did get some Cute video though! Makayla was a Pilgrim and did such a good job.. She said her part well and sang the songs really really loud! Pre Pilgrimed...but did have the little indian...of course she ended up a turkey which was precious but sorry no pics...

Thanksgiving Program at school!

Makayla and her friend Haley as Indians>>>

Nana even got to come...

The Martin's at the school...

a very small portion of the kids as Indians..Not sure what happened to her feather headband!

House update!

The kitchen...its a warm yellow actually called white raisin! Popa started on the cabinets!
Upstairs bedroom...Bramble beige with creamy white ceiling

Office...Copper Wire with creamy white ceiling

Dining room.. Bramble beige with cherry chocolate accent wall

Main living color... Taupe actually has a sort of green tint to it.. the ceiling will be pine tongue and grove from hurricane katrina!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Can't Wait for Christmas!!!

This past Saturday I took the girls to get their picutres made at Jenny Lynn's. I actually changed their outfits once I got there..but I loved these little outfits after the shoot was done we changed back into these and I took some myself at the train depot area!


Movie Star, Fashion Model, or Ballerina?...

Just Becausee I love this Picture and These Outfits!

House update!

We are inthe process of painting! We are doing most of it ourselves! So we are exhausted...but it is coming along quite nicely.. these pictures don't really do justice, but the best I could do...

Mallory's Room! The ceiling is a light purple and the walls are called Key Lime Pie!

Makayla's room...Walls are a butter yellow and ceiling a pale yellow.

Laundry Room! It is called Aquarium! It has become one of my favorinte rooms..Popa has almost finished the cabinets now and dthe Countertop got ordered this weekend. I have had this room planned and designed for over a year it is awesome to see it coming together...The whole inspiration started with some funky orange light fixtures I found and that I wanted it ot be my beach getaway from the country! I knew I wanted the walls in a turquise and orange fixtures.. I'll take more pics of this room soon..

Mudroom...the bench is now complete..all we await is the cabinet doors and hooks for coats.

The Front door! I finished staining and sealing it! Ya hooo! The porch painting is done...all we gotta do is stain the concrete... we may wait and do that in the spring when it warms up...